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INNI was born out of a passionate desire to create highIy effective nature-sourced skincare, free from irritants and toxins. We believe that skincare can and must offer purity, safety and efficacy at the same time and that‘s what we‘ve worked hard to create.

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Our quest for products that can deliver transformative results without harm has led us towards a new standard in skincare—one with carefully selected and pure ingredients that really work and free from harsh chemicals and ineffective fillers.This is

state-of-the-art skincare that can best be described as Clean.

We created this line for today’s discerning users, who are all too familiar with a market where grand promises and high priced products disappoint by delivering little more than pretty packaging and a lot of hype. Our products aren’t filled with “exotic” and expensive but ineffective ingredients or cheap common substances found in dozens of other brands. Our formulations integrate the best botanical ingredients, each carefully curated,with

state-of-the-art skin science to deliver products that are safe, soothing and effective.

La Source Spa’s exclusive spa products ‘INNI’ are 100% natural and use only the finest plant-based ingredients. The entire range is based on the revitalising, purifying and soothing properties of Austrian Heilmoor clay.

The effects of the healing clay have been known for centuries and have an array of herbal properties, trace elements, biologically active matter and organic substances which are easily absorbed into the skin.

The INNI product range, created exclusively for La Source Spa, leaves the skin detoxified, purified, toned and revitalised by powerful active ingredients. The active herbal ingredients in INNI are ideal for all skin types and are renowned for their age defying and anti-inflammatory properties, as well their effectiveness in treating acne and scars.

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